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A Turtle's Hero

Little Matt looked forward to his

vacation on the beach in the Sea of Cortez. His trip ​led him to meet a magical sea turtle that took him ​on a wonderful adventure beneath the sea.

Join Matt on his journey to befriending one of ​nature's most amazing creatures and

the important lesson he learned.

Caring for our world.

Maria J. writes children’s books in English and in ​Spanish. She is a caring mother, world traveler, ​and lover of nature. When she is not collecting ​shells on the beach, she is thinking about ​releasing baby turtles out to sea and ways in ​which she can provide awareness on on how to ​help turtles thrive for future generations to ​enjoy.

Literacy changed Maria's life as a child, now ​she hopes her books will do the same for other ​children. A Turtle's Hero is a story of fun, ​adventure, and great kindness for the very ​vulnerable sea turtles.

About the Author

About the Illustrator

Maru is a Children's Book Illustrator from the ​Philippines. From a very young age, she enjoyed ​telling her stories and creating comic strips. She ​would create doodles in her notebook and share ​them with friends. She enjoyed it so much that she ​followed her dream and became an illustrator.

Maru enjoys illustrating stories about friendships, ​acceptance, diversity, emotions, and nature

When Maru is not working, she loves spending time ​with her family, playing with her son, enjoying long ​walks in nature, and creating art for herself.

The​ Inspiration

The Olive Ridley sea turtles

from the Sea of Cortez and ​CRRIFS (Centro de Rescate, ​Rehabilitación e Investigación ​de Fauna Silvestre) ​

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A Book Dedicated to ​Champions of the ​Ocean.

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